Deserted (A Masterpiece Of Poetry) Written By Busyhandz

The owl howls from a distance

The shimmering sounds of the wild engulfs me

The humming sound of the wind scatters the leaves off its branches

The endless stretch of the ocean sends chills down my body

Lost in nature, scared and broken

I search for answers in the open air

I gaze at scattered leaves and endless ocean

Trying to find my way back

Out of this succumbing darkness

Where voices and noises are that of birds and beast

Lost in thoughts, my mind is crippled with fear

Lost in consciousness, I fight my way back to reality

Reality is far ahead of me

But I am ready to take that plunge

To reach that final destination

And to overcome that overwhelming feeling



In life, sometimes we feel deserted, empty, and lost in our own difficulties, problems, and anxieties. We make wrong choices and decisions, and suffer the consequences. What makes us better people is learning from our mistakes and wrong decisions and transforming into better persons and drawing understanding and courage from our past deeds!!

© Busyhandz

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