Connecting the dots

Within the complexity of life, there is still simplicity within it. Whatever situations or circumstances that life throws our way, there is the presence of an inner resolution. It helps us breathe right through the moment. What makes the puzzle difficult to figure out is our intent that we know it all even before we start the game.

Knowing it all is not the problem, the problem is how much of use did we put the knowledge at work. Ignorance is okay, but substantial ignorance hurts. The ability of knowing is great but knowing it all hurts. We should learn to climb each other’s back with two feet rather than one. However, with two feet is stability, with one foot is wobbly.

Our given preferences should be gift of oneself. Understanding oneself leads to the path of knowing and acknowledging the special gifts we are all endowed with. Sharing knowledge and using these endowments to connect the dots as accurate as it can be without feeling condemnatory but rather gratified because together, we can achieve more.

T U. Ezeuko,

Creative writer/author

Wesleyan University

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