It didn’t matter how hard I tried, I always failed as though it was my first time on this cause. Trying really hard to grasp what exactly fate wants from me. The closer I get to it, the farther it runs from me.

Time is of the essence, I do not have much time on my side. Every passing day is a loss to my existence because it points at nothing. The direction has no map, the mind is clueless. I see my existence right before my eyes, every minute of it feels like a movie script. The routines are endless and daunting.

The tedium bores my mental being, sometimes I see imaginary lines passing through the poles of my inner most will and desire. The will and desire to know who I am, where I belong and what God wants me to be.

I can understand the will of self-discovery is eminent within me, my capabilities are endless. The passion is strong, the zeal is powerful but the mind is oblivious.  I search for clues, I penetrate to the deepest depth of my thoughts, I ask questions to the celestial sphere to what my existence means to humanity.

My mind is distant in thoughts, the thoughts are so real that I begin to cry because I am scared of my own self. I am scared of what my mind tells me that I can accomplish. I see myself where I never imagined I would and can be. Waoh! My purpose is huge, uneasy the head that wears the crown for I have been destined for greatness way beyond my imagination.

The mind is no longer clueless, I know who I am now. I have the words but I can’t speak as I feel the urge to do greater things that words cannot elucidate, because no matter how hard I have tried in the past and failed, it’s all forgotten. What I remember clearly right now is what God wants me to do and to become and all that matters to me now is how best I make use of the time I have left.

Dedicated to all those who are in search of self-discovery! What matters is not the time you have wasted what matters now is what you can do with the time you have left!

Have a great week!

Uchechi Theresa Ezeuko
Author,Storytales for little minds; Jasmine the lady bird; Kachi the handyman; Betty’s desire
Creative Consultant &writer at


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