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The Big Decision

Worried and broken, I paced the room back and forth in hysteria. Confusion had taken over a greater part of me, was I dreaming? Or was this actually a joke? Endless questions with no right or wrong answers overwhelmed my entire mind. I knew it was time for me to take that bold step.

A decision that would change everything, a decision that will point me towards the right path. The toughest things to do are making decisions, that I know from past experiences with success and failures. I have had my fair share, am sure everyone can testify to fair share with success and failure in some form or way.

I was determined not to let that discourage me. I was sure to get it right this time. No going back, no biting lips, no arrays of confusion and no day dreams. I wasn’t going to let anyone make that decision on my behalf anymore.

There is always something to learn from experiences from the past, those experiences sometimes influence our decisions for the future. Now is the future, I worry and pace no more, the assortments of confusion gone, the dream a reality all because I made a decision to be HAPPY.

Happiness is the game friends!

Have a great weekend!

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Tom Cruise To Marry His Personal Assistant Emily Thomas

The 53 year old holly wood actor Tom Cruise is set to marry his 22 year old personal assistant and girlfriend Emily Thomas. The love spark came to light in late 2014 and the two have been seen together ever since. Age is never a barrier to love, but hope he means it this time!

If this happens, this will be the fourth time Tommy boy is walking down the aisle!! Emily is a look alike of Katie Holmes, Tommy’s ex wife. I think he has got something for that Katie kind of face!! Lol