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The cogitative thought of an author… written by Uchechi Theresa Ezeuko

Sometimes a blessing; sometimes a curse

The paradigm of life

Lays waste in its existence

Mortals change destines; destines rebirths fate

Fate beckons on success or tragedy

Oh mortal! Killer of instinct!

Where is thy purpose

An innate of undesirable patterns

Destiny can be delayed; not denied

The instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning

The intuitive mindset; embarks on a journey

In search of the soul

To heal the soul and bring it home

Home to the body; home to the mind

In need of dire salvation; to heal and to conquer; to hold and to belong

Mortal’s life expectation set to doom

But mortal’s life destiny rewrites it all

For we are all set for greatness! Greatness of a kind

Explicit greatness!

The mind of an author is immeasurable!

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Endearment Written By Busyhandz

The intense silence of chattering lips

The undermining gestures of the pretty dam

Awakens the sleepy stallion

To gesture towards her unbeatable beauty

The cadence of her neigh strengthens the bond

And relinquishes the burden of abhorrence

The enviable mindset

Of a vibrant horse; embracing the tide

Like a roaring lion,

The passion intense

Mystified with valour

Like a frozen ocean waves

That melts at sunrise

As firm as a rock

Gentle but indomitable

The mind, where love lies

Waiting to be woken by defined ambience!



Mystified A Poem Written By Busyhandz

Its’ pouring down hard here in the east coast.  I woke up to the hallowing sound of rain breathing down my roof. I quickly likened the rain drops and the sound hallowing over my roof to something magical.

I got inspired to write this right away while still half asleep and half awake. I scrambled these words on my notebook which actually turned out great.

Okay! I am not entirely going crazy as my kids think I am sometimes, (laughing) I am just swept away with my love for poetry and writing.

If you are feeling loved or have some special person in your life, feel free to read to them, memorise it or better still share with him or her.

There are lots of literary meaning and context to it but it all explains love! Love is immeasurable.

Have a great week!


The drumming sound of raindrops

The roaring stir of thunder

The whistling sound of the birds

Sings melody of my song

My heart sings for you, bringing cadence to my song

Causing my body to shiver

Filled with goosebumps, my soul dances in ecstasy

Triggering an emotional frenzy

A mystic self-transcendence

A feeling way beyond human understanding

Which makes me yearn for you

For your unending love is food to my soul

Rubeo The Ant Poem Written By Busyhandz

As tiny as bread crumbs

Yet with persistent energy

A mind as firm as rock

Pulls the crumbs from beneath the table

Its hole in turmoil

Yearning for more titbits

As the colonies emerge

Only few return home

The rest stumbled upon

By what nature brings

Just as a mother cares endlessly for her offspring

And thinks less of herself;yielding to the power of love

Open to the day’s danger; while fending for her brood

Rubeo the insane mastermind; hurdles its offspring to safety

Risk being stepped upon; the yielding power of love

Lays bare like a naked virgin

Oh! Rubeo the ant!

Feel the burning desire to love you more



Fill me with the sense of your unending love

Untie my lips to sing your song

Free my body to dance to your rhythm

Make my heart flow with ceaseless rain of happiness

Sink my dimples into everlasting smiles

Smiles that silences the roaring thunder

And causes the raging anger of the ocean to stay still

Smiles that melts the harsh grip of the sun

And sends warm and smooth wave to comfort the body

A feeling that I long for; A feeling that I desire

To sing a rhapsody of love songs

To penetrate the inner globe of your heart

To appease the blazing desire of your love

For your love is food to my soul

And strength to my body; The rhapsody of love songs

The hymn which I shall sing forever


The enchantment of songs

Revives the soul

Captivates the heart in endless rhythm

The feeling is overwhelming

The heart is struck, the mind is hypnotized

By the sound of the drum sticks

The melody of love

Bewitches the soul, mind, and body

The charm holds on forever

The grip getting stronger

The dazzling effect makes thy heart yearn

It fascinates thy imagination

Making the heart desire for more

It is sweet and attractive, yet mysterious

The feeling is satisfying

Its lasting effect is forever

Sweet when rekindled! Sore when broken

It’s all about love.

© Busyhandz




Every single thought emerges weakness

Every weakness nurtures fear

The fear to hold onto something

Something firm, strong, and enduring

No matter how long it takes

No matter how far the road stretches

No matter how deep the ocean, the mind swims

Swims in endless turmoil and hardship

In the quest for self-actualization

Only time will tell, to reach the end of the line

Patience lies in the midst of it all

Through the thick woods of unrealistic wait

Inner self yearns for a break through

The revelation of self is eminent

The time to break even lurks around the corner

Wealth streams like a playing movie

Only patience can see me through

Patience! The silent wealth!

Mesmerise my burning desire to break through thick walls.

© Busyhandz


Deserted (A Masterpiece Of Poetry) Written By Busyhandz

The owl howls from a distance

The shimmering sounds of the wild engulfs me

The humming sound of the wind scatters the leaves off its branches

The endless stretch of the ocean sends chills down my body

Lost in nature, scared and broken

I search for answers in the open air

I gaze at scattered leaves and endless ocean

Trying to find my way back

Out of this succumbing darkness

Where voices and noises are that of birds and beast

Lost in thoughts, my mind is crippled with fear

Lost in consciousness, I fight my way back to reality

Reality is far ahead of me

But I am ready to take that plunge

To reach that final destination

And to overcome that overwhelming feeling



In life, sometimes we feel deserted, empty, and lost in our own difficulties, problems, and anxieties. We make wrong choices and decisions, and suffer the consequences. What makes us better people is learning from our mistakes and wrong decisions and transforming into better persons and drawing understanding and courage from our past deeds!!

© Busyhandz

Nature’s Call

Behind the clouds, gathering clouds clusters

I see nature’s worth, with my very own eyes

The dark formation blindfolds me

The thickness of the cloud overwhelms me

That which forces the hands of nature

To pour down like a mounted sprinkler

Causing the earth to over flood

Homelessness for man

In its excessive magnitude

But yet helpless without its existence

No matter how much that wets the tongue

Yet I drench in thirst, yearning for more

A means of survival

Yet brutal but gentle, humbly feeds the earth

And heeds to the call, when nature calls.



Water in its natural state is important to man, animals, plants and earth in general for means of survival and livelihood. Yet in its tranquil state with beautiful waves, it is brutal when nature calls upon it and forces it to revolt against man in likes of tsunami, flooding and lots more natural disasters rendering man homeless and even death to everything that comes its way. Despite all that, we surely do need it for our existence. Remember no matter how much water you drink, you will still go thirsty. It feeds the earth (man, livestock, and plants) but whenever nature calls, it ruins that which it nurtures.


This magical piece is dedicated to victims of suicide and people going through difficult moments. No matter what difficulties been faced in life, death is never an option to end it because nothing is significantly permanent not even life itself. But making life worth living, enduring the challenges and having something to look up to is what makes life a better choice. Lots of fears and uncertainties abound in life but all those are designed to give life a meaning and a reason for us all to cherish and hold on to it because we are not in control of it.

Many of us do have unanswered questions why certain things happen! And fear for the unknown (things expected and things unexpected) but all these were designed to make life adventurous!!

The squirling sound of the ocean

Brings rhythm to the ears

And makes music to the soul

The wind gust sends shivers

Shivers that chatters the lips

Sending the lips apart

In a melody of songs

Just as the lips tremble in shivers

The serenity of the waves feels assuring

Life itself is assuring

With a feeling of hope and doubt

To make it more enchanting and surreal

But dynamic in nature

And in its exhaustive search for unanswered questions

Leaves the mind in great turmoil

In an aggressive state, but yet challenging, fear not the unexpected

Just as the squirling sound of the ocean makes music to the soul

So shall it be lived! One day at a time

Cos death is not an option

For life supercedes it all!

Copyright© Uchechi Theresa Ezeuko