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Architectural Designs: 3D Estates

3D house3D2



Projects is been undertaken by New York architect Adam Kushner alongside partners including 3D-printing pioneer Enrico Dini and his D-Shape firm.

It has been reported that a 3D printed house is being built in the Netherlands, Also in China, 3D printed mansions are reportedly on the rise. How about Nigeria? Lol

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Fake currency factory discovered

niger news

This was found in a remote village of the Oyo state capital called Ojoku in Badeku ona-ara local government area. Site has been sealed off by police. All noted of different denomination were found littered on the ground.

The compound is said to have two houses with at least six rooms each . Various items were used on the building walls to give the impression of a shrine. Haba!!! Nigerian style of artistic impression and creativity, Lol.