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It didn’t matter how hard I tried, I always failed as though it was my first time on this cause. Trying really hard to grasp what exactly fate wants from me. The closer I get to it, the farther it runs from me.

Time is of the essence, I do not have much time on my side. Every passing day is a loss to my existence because it points at nothing. The direction has no map, the mind is clueless. I see my existence right before my eyes, every minute of it feels like a movie script. The routines are endless and daunting.

The tedium bores my mental being, sometimes I see imaginary lines passing through the poles of my inner most will and desire. The will and desire to know who I am, where I belong and what God wants me to be.

I can understand the will of self-discovery is eminent within me, my capabilities are endless. The passion is strong, the zeal is powerful but the mind is oblivious.  I search for clues, I penetrate to the deepest depth of my thoughts, I ask questions to the celestial sphere to what my existence means to humanity.

My mind is distant in thoughts, the thoughts are so real that I begin to cry because I am scared of my own self. I am scared of what my mind tells me that I can accomplish. I see myself where I never imagined I would and can be. Waoh! My purpose is huge, uneasy the head that wears the crown for I have been destined for greatness way beyond my imagination.

The mind is no longer clueless, I know who I am now. I have the words but I can’t speak as I feel the urge to do greater things that words cannot elucidate, because no matter how hard I have tried in the past and failed, it’s all forgotten. What I remember clearly right now is what God wants me to do and to become and all that matters to me now is how best I make use of the time I have left.

Dedicated to all those who are in search of self-discovery! What matters is not the time you have wasted what matters now is what you can do with the time you have left!

Have a great week!

Uchechi Theresa Ezeuko
Author,Storytales for little minds; Jasmine the lady bird; Kachi the handyman; Betty’s desire
Creative Consultant &writer at


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Barking and yelling filled the arena, people were running sporadically. The stench smell of sweat filled the path. I was startled and confused, I wasn’t sure which direction to run, no one had a clear view of where the danger was coming from. I could discern that from the way people were running aimlessly on the busy street of boggy valley.

“Think! “I yelled to myself” I knew from the way things were looking we were either going the right direction to safety or running right into the menace. I jogged faster than normal to a corner beside the tea shop, I saw a lady startled in fear with her head tucked in nicely in between her knees as though she was scared of looking up.

I quietly and slowly threw a stone beside her to get her attention, she looked up and jumped as though I was the threat at hand. “Why are you hiding? Why are we all running?” “I asked why still scanning the corner for possible danger signals. “She shrugged her back against the wall and stared at me in awe as though I was crazy.

“They are here, the lady replied”. “Who are they? And why are they here?” I asked with a perplexed sentiment and a feeling of resentment. “ I don’t know, the lady replied”. I was coming out of the tea shop when I saw everyone running so I joined too, a man screamed “ they are coming” as he ran.

The lady answered nonchalantly. She chuckled as she began to ease off the fear that engulfed her.

Do you know if anyone tried to stop the man to ask him what he meant by “they are coming”. I asked her as she sat with her knees clutched together. “No one stopped to ask, everyone just ran” she replied as she stared hard at me as though I was a cop asking too many questions.

In life, we need to ask questions to be properly clarified and understand how things work and should be. We run straight into the danger because we have not stopped to think of a solution or to know where the imminent danger is and possibly avoid or run the opposite direction. Therefore making our minds easy to fool.

We don’t do things because everyone is doing it, that doesn’t make it right. We need to define a purpose for ourselves.

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The Final Chance

Not minding the consequences of my actions, I knew I was a wreck. As he stared down hard at my face, I imagined what was going on in his mind. Hurting each other wasn’t the solution to the problem.

I discerned it was time to sort things out, clear the air and move on with him. I was ready to forgive him all the way and same with him as well. We have been through a lot together, I wasn’t ready to leave him for someone else.

However, from experience there are no saints out there, so why not stick with the “devil” you know and resist the “angel” you know nothing about. “I thought to myself”.  I was ready and willing to give “us” a chance again over and over again as long as it wasn’t an issue of physical violence.

What makes a relationship firm and strong is not the amount of issues and trials it has encountered, but the ability to turn those issues and trials to your advantage and pick the moral lesson capped from that problem and implement steps taken to resolve that issue for future occurrences together as a couple.

In relationships, you do not dodge the blow of confusions, misunderstandings, miscommunication, and anxieties, you take the blow and punches.  The healing process will make you a better and wiser person. Near to perfect relationships have endured tremendous pain, confusion, misunderstandings and anxieties.

A lot of long term relationships have suddenly collapsed and there hasn’t been any meaningful explanations from the parties involved.  Rather each blaming each other for the collapsed union. “Why”? Because they have spent years dodging the blows and punches of confusions, anxieties, misunderstandings and communication. “How”? By simply walking away or become invisible each time an issue arises or problems come up.

When the blow/punch finally unexpectedly lands on parties involved in the relationship they collapse. Unable to manage the relationship, they give up by going their separate ways. Be wise my friends! Be wise!


We all need some form of guide and morals to get pass each day. Even life has its own rules, we all need to make personal rules that govern our each day in order to help us emerge our best as long as life permits. I am happy to share with you some simple life rules that keeps me going:

  • Basic facts of life and general understanding
  • You are now ready to unleash the negative state of mind and turn it into positive thinking.
  • You have that ability and principles
  • You are now in control and can organize and plan constant activities in your life

Giving up something for something greater.

  • Being where you want to be at exactly the right time and place
  • You have the inner zeal to make impossibilities to become possible (“Woo, how did you do that”)
  • You make things happen, things work in your favor(positive mindset)

Old things have passed, a new you has emerged.

  • You see and experience a new you from making right choices
  •  Exploring the magnificent feeling of discovering yourself
  • You are willingly to accept new challenges
  • You are on top of your feelings
  • You are ready to draw strength from your weakness
  • It is like desperate measures require desperate actions

Live to die another day

  • Some people are already dead while they are still alive(being afraid of everything, afraid to try)
  • You have the strong will to live at all cost, then live.
  • Nothing can pull you down
  • One day at a time and get the best of each day

Meditate and act: Think”

  • You are ready to act fast without delay
  • You see a bright light in the midst of darkness
  • You are sustained by your inner passion to succeed

     When there is a will there is a way

  • You are not thinking of giving up, or are you?
  • You see a road in the midst of troubling waters
  • You have planned steps in improving your life
  • You are way ahead of the game
  • You got your head around it all
  • You are willing to take measures to purge your negative thoughts

Positive visualization technique

  • You are now ready for a new you
  • You are ready to conquer
  • You are fully aware of the good and the odds
  • Exercise




As I staggered towards the front door, I knew it was too early for the postman to be banging the door that morning. I raced down the stairs half asleep and partly awake bumping my left leg on the couch opposite the front door.

It was Nerine my fast paced proactive neighbor. What could it possibly be this time? I asked silently as I flung the door open. She stared at me with popping red blood shot eyes.

Those eyes definitely signified something which meant trouble in the air, but why this early? I thought, as I twitched and rubbed my eyes while finding the right words to soothe the rather awkward moment.

Nerine pushed her way into my apartment looking scared and defensive like she was getting ready for a physical fight or just finished one.

I was very confused because it had been barely a day after valentine, I saw Nerine and Bobby kissing their way into their abode and couldn’t get their hands off each other. Barely 24 hours later, was Nerine looking like a female wrestler waiting for her opponent? Yes!

Bobby again this time? I asked as I kept my pace further out enough to avoid the punch that was meant for Bobby. Her blood shot eyes signified she had been crying all night and her fierce looking facial gestures showed a fight had just taken place, no doubt!

How I wished it could be valentine every day because the Nerine and Bobby I saw some nights ago wasn’t the same Nerine standing right here with me, outwardly so much show of love enough to get one deceived, inwardly so much hate and disgust for one another.

Valentine is a time to renew and rejuvenate a long lasting bond of love and friendship that have and still exist within us. That is the kind of love to be shared with one another, and with others as well to reach out showing act of kindness, unconditional love to the hopeless, lost, and forgotten ones. Everyone deserves to be loved!

Every day is valentine for me! I mean the true and real definition of valentine, not a temporary show of love. What about yours?



All characters are fictional! 

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