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As long as there is life, it’s never too late to do or achieve anything in this life, after all what are we living for if not to keep the ball rolling in achieving our dreams, desires, and goals. Just think about it, how boring life would be if all we had to do was to sit around and do nothing, if there weren’t dreams, goals, visions, to drive us.

Sometimes, circumstances and situations prevents us from reaching that climax that we always wanted to reach, but then who said it’s too late to achieve it? All you need to do is maintain a focused mind and keep running the race against time until the finished line is reached.

Think of that feeling when you have finally reached your climax, that feeling of happiness and satisfaction remains with you forever. And guess what? You might have picked up some virtues on the way without knowing it, like patience to see you through, perseverance to keep you motivated, endurance to help you overcome fear and failure and to make you stronger. Also love and empathy because now you understand that the world isn’t a bed of roses.

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Troubles and problems come in different forms whether anticipated or not. Sometimes people get into trouble not because they were partakers in the trouble making, but because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

No matter how much we try to be careful, we may sometimes find ourselves in compromising situations and circumstances that only we can rightfully admit that luck played a great role in it, and not just luck God’s guidance saw us through.

Trouble gives birth to problem which in turn delivers worry. So the flow goes this way trouble_problem_worry. All come from the same kinsmen. No one wakes up any day to wish and anticipate trouble. Sometimes they just cross our path, very annoying right?

All we can do as human beings is to try to be safe as much as we can, the forces of nature is more powerful than we think. If you can’t beat them join them only this time you don’t have to join them. A little prayer every morning and everyday as soon as you wake up could be that saving grace that averted you from that trouble maniac of the forces of nature of that day. We don’t need to walk around with bullet proof vest because one shot on the head we are goners.

All we can do is to feel confident and safe within ourselves knowing that the prayer we said before starting the day is a stronger force, a stronger shield, a stronger bow and arrow, a stronger vest to shield and guide us through the day and always.


The beauty of life is when we learn to love ourselves first before we start thinking of loving someone else or having any form of relationship. How can you genuinely love someone when you haven’t appreciated yourself in the first place? That is because the feeling of love for oneself is born within us. By the time you nurture and grow that love for yourself and understand what the feeling is all about, then you can willingly transfer this love to loved ones, neighbours, friends, spouses, partners and anyone that crosses your path or touches your life in one way or the other.

Loving yourself is paramount and possible when we find ourselves in environments and places where love is being preached and practiced. Where we see others exhibit love of themselves, we may want to identify ourselves with them and be part of the great fellowship, learning something new and possessing a humble approach to life.

Loving yourself gives birth to empathy, a feeling that arouses when love and humility are in place. We begin to see other’s sufferings as ours and a reason to share in their pain. The thoughts of possible ways to help begin to come to mind, going far and beyond.

You cannot help others to love when you do not love yourself or understand the principles of love sharing. Loving one-self arises from being appreciative and satisfied with yourself, your appearance, your goals, your achievements, people around you, and life in general.

So why don’t we step up to the challenge and begin today by loving ourselves first before we move ahead to share this great feeling with others because we are all beautiful.


The world is not a bed of roses, neither are relationships. There is a thin line between a happy healthy relationship to a shaky unhappy relationship.

However for a relationship to work, both parties have to work hard to nurture it. Just as you work hard to make a living to satisfy hunger, needs, and wants that is how much time and commitment needed to ensure a good happy relationship.

Often, some relationships fail not because of not being in love anymore, but because of negligence. Laziness gives birth to negligence, by the time negligence creeps in and starts to devour the relationship it is just a matter of time before Jack and Jill will come crashing down the hill.

This could come in form of emotional negligence such as respect, love, patience, perseverance, attention, trust, communication, care, amongst many. Remember if you are lazy, you become vulnerable to hunger, and when you are hungry you are angry. These are just basic facts of life.

If you call in sick to work all the time when you are not actually sick, but just want to play around, you don’t expect a full paycheque at the end of the pay period and if you don’t have a full pay cheque you can’t pay all the necessary bills in some cases.

Such too is applicable to nurturing a long lasting relationship.


It is easy to believe in someone else’s work, invention, achievement, findings. What makes you different from that individual? Does the individual possess two heads? Or maybe a superman brain, and you don’t?

Most often,some people have never believed in themselves, neither do they imagine they are capable of doing something great. What happened to self-confidence? I have heard people say “if only they went to school they would have been better off as this or that”. They seem to forget that most great achievers neither finished nor started education at some point in their discovery and findings. Some people take lack of adequate education as an excuse to suppress their inner ability.

One thing is knowing something, and the other is having the required confidence needed to take that bold step towards actualization of inner capabilities. The boldness to launch and believing and trusting in yourself that you are more than capable of achieving greatness and something better than what your predecessors have done.

Lack of self-confidence kills talent and suppresses creativity. The ability to initiate an idea and being able to carry out these dreams and passion is the awakening of your true identity. This is with the belief that you believe in yourself well enough to carry out those ideas and thoughts and confident that you can do it, and you really can and you will.

So what are you waiting for? Think big, believe in yourself, with confidence you can reach the next level. A level you never imagined or anticipated. Good luck!


We all are good at something. Something big, or small, and spectacular. We could be one step away from achieving fame, success, accomplishment, and social statues.

However, the break through that we need might just be enclosed or hidden or maybe suppressed in that phenomenon of big ideas stuck in our head and in our mind looking for a way out. Big ideas come from a conglomeration of inner thoughts which builds and replays in our mind overtime within us but suppressed if never used.

Ideas can be shaped to what you want them to be and can be used to create or invent something new. The fast changing technology world is as a result of big ideas from people and individuals who have used theirs in creating and inventing something spectacular.

The story of Ahmed and the clock he built was as a result of that phenomenon of big ideas, likewise other industrious and talented men and women, boys and girls who have boldly come up with something new and spectacular and more especially trendy.

Everything we own and use today was invented by someone dead or living, so why suppress yours when you can change the world entirely with your own big idea. Your big idea can be one of the best thing that can happen to you knowing that your invention has positively touched and improved lives while creating future opportunities for other creative minds.


Many have good dreams, plans, ambitions and skills but, we often kill it with negative approach, attitude, and understanding. I have heard people say “oh, I can do this and that, but who would buy it?” How would you know if anyone would buy it if you never try?

Whenever there is a good intention in place, nature has a way of playing with our minds, playing the good cop bad cop! But we should be in control, and we decide who stays and who leaves. Our mind is our personal warehouse and goes through several process of thinking and evaluation every day.

Negativity is weakened when there is a strong will towards positive energy. Positive energy makes one resistant to thoughts of failure and fear. A new entrepreneur starting up a business is afraid of counting losses instead of profits, afraid of public reaction to your business, afraid of investments and risks associated with business. What makes you a conqueror is learning from your risks and failures and adjusting firmly to success.

Staying positive is easier when you have understood risks and failures as part of the formation process to success. Some people succumb to failure as soon as they are faced with a challenge or difficulty. When this happens, the negativity master ushers itself into your life as the unwanted guest and it begins to trample on the positivity guest. We do have a choice to make in life, we decide who lives in our warehouse (our minds and our lives) and who packs up and leaves. For me, I will say “stay positive, and eject negativity out of your life”. Negativity is an unwanted guest!

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I do have my reservations when it comes to saying “I love you”. A lot of people perceive love in a different way. Love is a strong word, for it to be said one must have explored the good and bad, the better and worse, all the goals, ambitions, lousiness, odours, looks, and everything possible to know about the individual and parties involved.

I have heard people say “ I fell in love with her the moment I set my eyes on her” how can you love her/him when you know no shit about the person or rather they meant “I fell in lust with her/him the moment I set my eyes on her/him”. Lol

Love and lust present almost the same feeling from the start. They both begin to define themselves when love lingers overtime and endures all endurable, while lust wither away the moment self-satisfaction is achieved. Lust is selfish and blameful while love is blameless and kind. After quest for lust have been satisfied, both parties begin to dish out blame on each other “you started it first” or “you made the move first”. Lol! Before lust is accomplished, each party involved thinks about their personal gain and desires while love puts into perspective the feelings of both parties involved.

It is possible to like someone at first sight but loving the person instantly is what sounds a bit complicated and magical to me. Magical in the sense that such fantasies happen in the Barbie life in the dream house world, and Cinderella and the handsome prince kind of world not in the real world. Wake up and embrace reality.

Like matures to love, not love first then later like which will drop down to hate sooner or later and then level down to divorce or separation. Remember love endures things that mere like cannot hold unto. I read about real life stories about couples mostly celebrity couples who have been married for years but have decided to split/divorce but will remain “good friends”. If you can remain good friends outside marriage, why can’t you build that good friendship inside your marriage and remain married.

It is funny because when I read celebrity break ups which always goes like this “I and that have decided to go our separate ways but will surely remain great friends” great friends indeed! LOL. Can someone please change the script or better still rewrite it!

I imagine such relationships was built on love at first sight syndrome and lust at first sight activation mode. However because lust being selfish and blameful, that self-satisfaction have been achieved and the next thing is to call it quit but remain “great friends” and still be lusting away. LOL

Love at first sight, is it negotiable? Ask yourself these questions if you are loving him/her at first sight.

  1. Do you know what he/she looks like early in the morning?
  2. Do you know the smell of his/her fart and can live with it?
  3. How about poo? Do you know and can withstand the smell of his/her poo?
  4. Do you know how he/her breathe and mouth smells after a nap and you are comfortably up for a kiss with that odour?
  5. Can you endure hard times with him/her?
  6. Can you endure the hurt when he/she shows off that side which makes us all human?
  7. Does his/her snoring wake the dead? Can you withstand that bizarre sound?
  8. Is your patience running out each time you have some misunderstanding and miscommunication?
  9. Is his/her movement in bed while having sex worth living with or just annoying?
  10. Is his/her dressing, attitude, behaviour, characteristics, presentation, and general well-being very pleasing or just annoying! LOL

Good luck in your quest for real love!!



I have come to realize that most people’s understanding in handling difficult situations is by running away from that which confronts them. Or trying to avoid it entirely which for sure it’s unavoidable  because life comes with risks, and risks come with knowledge, and knowledge comes with power, and power comes with ego and charisma.

I have seen most people walk out on their marriages just because “she said this” and “he said that” kind of issues. Hello! What happened to proper communication? Most of “he said” and “she said” comes as a result of miscommunication and guess what, it can be fixed! Another one that I have seen is people walking out on their relationship as a result of “he did” or “she did” and “he/she said that she did or he did” did what? For goodness sake!! No one has proof of any deeds. Hello!! What happened to trust!!

Most people have an adamant spirit towards forgiveness and acceptance.  With all the “did and said crisis”, what is so grievous of these allegations that cannot be forgiven especially when there are no facts of proof of anything done by both parties involved. Hello! What happened to that love you once had and shared?

Friends, let us ponder a bit and relax a little for no one is perfect, life is too short and the world is not a bed of roses either. We all need each other.


Friendship is great when people learn and understand to trust and love each other genuinely without reservations. One of the major virtue that strengthens any relationship is communication and honesty. No matter what form of relationship you find yourself in, marriage, courtship, friendship, any form at all. There should be an outstanding record and level of communication, trust, love, sincerity, patience and security.

Choosing a friend or spouse is never an easy task, it is a tale of “many are called but few are chosen”. The choice of friends or spouses is usually a great task that only you can make decision on because you have to put up with the person’s mess and bad behaviours. And accepting one’s mess and bad behaviours willingly without judging or scorning the person is where love, patience, and total acceptance comes into play.

When you truly love someone, the last thing that comes to mind is hurting that person, and when that occurs because no one is perfect, the first thing that should come to mind is total submission, acceptance, and forgiveness because some people never like to admit to a misdeed or fault even when it is very clear before their eyes.

Can you imagine what “I am sorry” can do in a relationship? That short phrase shows total acceptance of mistakes and a willingness to make things right and also it heals emotional hurt and pain. So what are we waiting for, let us make things right in our relationships and put a smile on each other’s faces.