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Dental Marketing: Tips For Dentists Considering Marketing Their Practice Or Acquiring One By Busyhandz

20160211_091934 In marketing dental practices, planning is very important and a viable tool in achieving success. With a goal in mind, planning begins to take effect when all the right words have been put together and passed on through the right channels and finally reaching the right audience.

There are variety of trendy ways in selling and marketing of dental practices, starting with web site creation. The purpose for having a website for the dental practice is to get visitors know more about the practice, its location, what services are being offered, opening times and other relevant information.

The most common trend is facebook likes. It is very interesting to know what facebook likes could do to the dental practice. It is exciting to know that a special kind of feature allows people in search of a dentist to carry out a quest that will show the names of dentist in their area who have the greatest number of likes and have been liked by their friends.

This heightens the power of people’s unquestioning endorsements from the practice. It also helps to quicken recommendations and first-hand patient acquisition.

Video blogging is another mind blowing sale technique that can help catch the attention of prospective clients. The video should be able to capture attention immediately by displaying high dynamism and commitment that inspires observers to pay attention to your message. Also nice imaging can boost sales and constantly stake what audiences would benefit from the practice before beginning and ending the video keeping it short, simple, and consistent.

Communication and advertising work hand in hand and must be cultivated together to convey out the superlative of the business. Dental businesses should always be enthusiastically producing communication for the broadcasting services and be upbeat in validating good communication skills within the community.

In congested areas, old fashioned print advertising style is still very operative. Less inhabited places entail a further in depth approach. The idea of introducing free checkups to first time members is also a good way to get the attention of new and prospective clients into the database of customers.

One of the most convenient way to add to your income is by reducing the amount of missed trips by the clients by providing services like a quick phone call or email or text just to remind the client that their presence are appreciated at your practice for their appointment

Quality dental office marketing ideas really begins with a dental marketing strategy. It is better to be different than to be better. You need to be different than other practices that offer the same services.

This can appear like a difficult task, but when you survey why your patient’s value you, it should become a common theme. Look at your competitors, see how they position themselves to be different and do something different. As a bonus, you may pick up some really good ideas.

To reach the correct target patient you need a strategy to make sure your ideas reach the right person. Your target patient may value a unique service you perform, perhaps relate to your belief about prevention, or charity you support. Or it may that the proximity to practice is convenient, place of employment or friendly staff.

The greatest technique to find your ideal target patient is to examine your database and see which patients refer you, pay on time, and follow your prescribed treatment. Then observe them to see why they value you.

When you establish who your ideal patient are, develop a message that resonates with them and starts to brand your practice different by using these messages in all of your marketing efforts, logos, business cards and so on.

You can create a lot of concepts to entice additional members to the market, once you know who to reach. Marketing is strategic, and advertising is tactical. You need to find a medium that matches your target patient. Use patient testimonials in local search directories.

In acquiring a dental practice for sale, one has to be knowledgeable on what the market has to offer and price ranges. Dental practices for sale could range from high to low depending on location and population of a geographical area of where it is situated. The dental practice for sale must meet and exceed expectations and industry standards.

Have a great week friends!


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Health Quest By Busyhandz: Guava! The Power House For Health And Lifestyle! Learn Something New Today! It Works!

Guava is very common in Asian countries and Africa as well. It is becoming quite popular especially now that people have come to understand, appreciate and have realized the health benefits.

The fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients. I will reveal to you some basic facts about guava and you can try it out with me .
1) WEIGHT LOSS: Back again on this topic, because I  have been trying to loose a couple of pounds, and believe me it’s not that easy. It is damn easy to eat up and add some weight but difficult to get them out. The fruit is ideal for weight watchers because it is high in roughage, rich in vitamins, it has no cholesterol, less in sugar compared to banana, apple, or other sweetened fruits. It promotes and regulates metabolism and help to absorb important and useful nutrients in the body.
2) DIABETES: Consumption of guava helps to combat diabetes, because of its high level of dietary fiber, it helps to regulate the absorption of sugar which decreases chances of insulin drop and glucose in the body. Major fact about this is that according to health research, consuming guava can help prevent type 2 diabetes.
3)BLOOD PRESSURE : For those having issues with blood pressure, here is your magic wand. It works!
4) SIGHT: Tired of those lens? Here is something that can improve your eye sight. Those frequent trips to the eye doctor has to be at a minimal because it ain’t cheap if you do not have health insurance. Guava’s good source of vitamin A gives the sight a good vision. It is also known to reduce and suppress the rise and appearance of cataracts and can improve an already depleted eye sight.
5)FIGHTS CANCER CELLS: This magic wand (guava) is known to prevent the growth of cancerous cells.
6)DIARRHEA: Frequent visit to the loo? Why not add guava to your diet and kiss the diarrhea good bye!
7)CONSTIPATION: Guava is a great laxative that can get those poo rolling out in masses and chunks.
8)SKIN CARE: Have you wondered why my face glows? Lol! Not bragging though (smiles) It is the guava secret. It improves the texture of the skin because of its rich content in vitamin A, B, C. It also contains potassium which are great antioxidants, keeps skin wrinkle free. Eating the fruit can help improve the texture of your skin, or by rinsing the skin with the leaves or inside of the fruit.
Have a great week friends!!


Lifestyle By Busyhandz: Thinking Of Loosing That Pregnancy Fat? Or Some Couple Of Fats, This Therapy Works!

Okay this might sound a bit crazy, but it is true. This is not one of my storytelling episodes or look left and right before you cross the highway kind of moment. These findings are based on my tiny research which I decided to carry out casually with no strings attached.

I have seen a lot of “melt fat fast and loose weight in two hours” kind of ads all over the place and I begin to wonder if one should actually be worried about that because if that really works, why do we still have overweight friends and family members around us.

Are we all being told the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God! I mean in those ads, if you can lose weight in just two hours, shouldn’t you be worried about that? even when the ads says in three days, you should still be worried.

I mean worried about the components or mixtures that have been mixed together and given to you and I to drink or swallow down our throat and start seeing results in as little as two hours? Hmmm!

Think again! On the long run, when age is beginning to creep up on you and you suddenly develop a form of cancer or liver disease,  remember in your youth when you were burning fat and seeing results in two hours! Lol

I have done some research on food combination and what to eat and what not to eat, I have read a lot of articles and write ups by individuals encouraging one not to eat carbohydrates, or fish, or some other food components.

These days, there is a long list of foods that one should not eat.  I begin to wonder if there are alternatives as to what one can actually eat, actually none.

Basically, most articles will say, eat only fruit and veggie and you are good to go! And who actually said you are good to go? Not when you end up with underfeeding then you will realise you need a certain level of carbohydrates, protein, minerals, and even the dreaded fats to be fully complete.

The other day I stumbled upon an article saying that eating catfish was a killer, the other day it was salmon, today is catfish, who knows what is coming next? Maybe mackerel?

Speaking of food combination, that is not usually applicable for a pregnant lady craving really weird and unbelievable diet like ice cream mixed with baked beans. Lol

However out of curiosity, I discovered a mind-blowing secret and results based on a casual trial. I interviewed fifty people and forty out of the fifty agreed that they disliked pineapple. Some say “It scratches my tongue especially when bitter”. Some say “It spoils my taste buds”. While others said “they felt lazy peeling one, the thick back was annoying thereby discouraging them from loving or eating the fruit”

I embarked on a mission to uncover the mystery hidden beneath those thick skin of a pineapple and to understand why it has become so much of a dislike based on the findings from my fifty man research. What I discovered about pineapple was mind-blowing.

It is actually one of the safest and best therapy for weight loss because it contains bromelain. This is actually a group of substances that, among other components, includes enzymes which specifically break down protein. It is mainly found in the stem but some amounts can also be found in the fruit’s core. It is this  substance that lends pineapples their digestive aid properties.

Did you know that Pineapple flushes your system, keeps your metabolism going and digestion 100%. Keeping you in shape as you carry on with your daily activities.

The much-disliked fruit actually looks and feels that way for a reason! Never judge a person by their look or appearance!

Have a great week friends!


Positive thinking to you may sound like punishment since you have drenched yourself so much in negative thoughts, it may seem like a frog jump kind of exercise where your knees hurt at each jump.

With lots of negativity out there, it is difficult for one to focus on being positive. It all comes in different forms, it could be negativity as a result of emotional and broken relationships, loss of career, bad experiences and societal norms.

Uncertainties are the chief master of negativity, when one is not certain of life itself, what can be more challenging?

There are practical fast action techniques to positive thinking that I developed that can help to keep you in the light and help you to take control of your life.

These practical hands-on techniques are here to keep you going and ready at all times to continue with those things that matter most to you every day.

The go-getter technique: Good, better, best! Giving up something for something greater.

This question is not any kind of question like “who am I”? Kind of question and the response would be “I am busyhandz” no!  The definition to this technique has been well thought out and gears towards revitalising the human thinking and general well-being.

“The go-getter technique is the systematic way in stimulating the human mind while gaining control of the physical interface of the body, and creating a clear passage to the innermost thoughts. leaving you clear and free from any negative effects as a result of a circumstance that had occurred earlier, before or after.”

Application and Examples:

  1. Take a moment each day to reflect on what you want to do and how well you plan to achieve them

For instance, Set a target for yourself, your goal is to finish the presentation slides for the big contract signing tomorrow, you have 40 slides to prepare and you are just on the tenth one with no clue on how to go about the remaining 30 slides. This project stands between you and your promotion as the managing director.

For sure, right now it looks like you got a problem on your hands. You need to do this! You have to complete this to be where you want to be! Time is running out, it is definitely not the time to hit your head on the wall in frustration, something has to be done and really fast.

  1. To achieve the go- getter technique, never leave things until the last minute. That is when pressure sets in, which in turn gives birth to uncertainties that translate to negative thinking.

  For instance, if you need to grow a savings of $1000 in order to pay off your phone, not to go woo a woman/man,  and you wait until you have a lump sum to throw into that savings, now you are subjecting yourself to pressure and anxiety on how to raise a lump sum, but if you throw in even a dollar each day or maybe 10 bucks into that savings, you won’t believe how fast that savings can grow quickly than having to wait for a lump sum. Remember, several cents makes up a million at some point.

  1.  Being where you want to be at exactly the right time and place: Think of yourself as an achiever and trust your capabilities by being proactive in your thinking and reasoning and also in dealing with others.
  2.  Don’t be a one man squad, one man squad never wins a battle. That only happens in James Bond movies. It is by mingling that you know things you never knew, you know what is happening around you. That feeling alone will leave you in positive thinking mood fully activated.

–       Never isolate yourself no matter what. Even if you are grieving.

–     You have the inner zeal to make impossibilities become possible by setting priorities in everything you do, is that simple. That will keep you way ahead of others and you will be able to confidently say you are in charge of affairs. You are now in control and can organise and plan constant activities in your life.

  1. You are now ready to unleash the negative state of mind and turn it into positive thinking by just a little level of organisation in your life.

–    No plans, no vision and nothing to look forward to as a result of no organisation in your life can develop negative thinking.

–   You have that ability and principles to take charge of your life by at the end of each day, have a little time to reflect on all you have achieved for that day/period and set inner strategies on how to push things forward.

–   2 to 4 mins of your end of the day is enough for this reflection and strategizing.


Here are some exercises for you to try.

  1. Describe your state of mind right now in 50 to 100 words.
  2. What kind of feeling are you feeling right now? And how do you feel about it? Nervous? Anxious? Depressed? Or happy? Explain.
  3.  Make a list of tasks that you have prioritized and how do you intend to go about it. In what order of importance do they come?
  4. The aim of this exercise is to help you identify different aspects of your life you need to keep nourished with positive thinking. As a matter of fact, every aspect of your life needs positive thinking.

The checklist technique: You got it all figured out!

Now that you feel good about yourself, after answering to the exercises in the first scenario. Now it is time to feel even better with the checklist technique. Never settle for less, good is great but better is fantastic, and that is the feeling I am about to leave you with right now.

“The checklist technique is the ability of the mind to subdue negative feelings, by stimulating and arousing the inner zeal to succeed against all odds. And checking negative thought off with a mark of strong will to overcome and sustain positive thinking.”

This is a typical case of fighting and battling with your conscience when you have done something unspeakable, like taking your friend’s wife to bed, or stealing from the church’s treasury and so on. You are trying to justify the reason for your bad action while your conscience is accusing you of releasing the bullet.

The inner zeal to stay positive and succeed against all odds comes to play as you begin to understand the implication of what you have done, and now settling for a possible solution in fixing the mess while eliminating the first negative thought that comes to your mind and replacing it with a positive approach to  fixing your mess.


   For instance: Imagine you just bought a new house and signed up for a new car loan, and you are really doing well and happy and excited about all these, you wake up on a bright monday morning full of energy and smiles which huge plans and anticipation for the week, only to show up in the office and you meet everyone locked out. You inquire and you were told you were all laid off without notice with immediate effect as the company suddenly crumpled up. What first comes to your mind? “Oh, I am finished!” Actually you are not far from the truth, you are actually finished if you don’t get your thoughts together and start on option B on how to fix this mess. Now how do you fix this?

  1. Take a moment away from the crowd, go to a corner possibly a café, and buy yourself a coffee or whatever thing you like to drink.
  2. Please do not go for a beer or a whisky or anything alcoholic even if they are your favorite drink, avoid alcohol at the moment. That sounds silly, right? A favorite drink in the midst of an emerging financial crisis!
  3. You will never know how fast your mind has switched from your first instinct of anger and frustration now to sipping your favorite drink thereby exhibiting signs of calmness.
  4. Take a deep calm breath while you settle in a corner with your favorite drink. That is the time to reflect on your positive thoughts before negative thinking consumes you.
  5. Start by taking your mind off everything relating to work, arouse nice memories of you in Disney with your buddies enjoying a vacation or something magical you have always desired.
  6. Make an effort to remain focused on thoughts of your nice memories while at the same time the positive thinking mindset will help you to start gearing up towards strategizing towards your present predicament.
  7. Get a paper and pen and start documenting any thought that comes to your head. It may not make sense when you start but by the time you got it all out, it will begin to come together.
  8. While your colleagues are standing at the gate and waiting to speak with management, you are ahead of the game, you have a chance of getting employed quickly and faster than your other colleagues just by being proactive.
  9. The feeling that you are making an effort will leave you smiling possibly.

–   You have planned steps in improving your life.

–   You are way ahead of the game.

–   Now, you got your head around it (your predicament)


Here are some exercises for you to try.

  1. Describe how you feel in 50 to 100 words
  2. Can you record any significant change from the first technique to the second technique?
  3. Can you describe your state of mind right now? Explain
  4. Make a list of strategies on how to improve your positive thinking mindset

The aim of these exercises is to help you overcome negative thinking and to guide your thoughts towards positive thinking.

Have a wonderful week peeps!

© Busyhandz!




With the arrival of the triplets, I knew my life was going to take another dimension. It would no longer be the lady that took her time in doing things, It would now be the woman that have to get things done as fast as possible. When the doctors broke the news to me, I ended up with mixed feelings, not sure on whether to be excited, scared, or nervous.

I braved myself to the news and gradually started getting ready for the big day, the day I would hold my three all at once babies. That day flew by very quickly with Benjamin working more hours in order to be able to provide for I and the babies. Providing for three babies all at once seem to be a life long planning and investment.

Everything had to be bought three times, the cost was killing as we struggled so hard to manage them. It was always three feeding bottles, three diaper sets, three clothing sets, except that I had just two nipples! maybe three nipples would have been better at such circumstances (alien mummy)

I watched as things took its turn in our lives, from sleeping eight to ten hours at night to sleeping for just half an hour in each round as the babies took turns in waking up. Sometimes they were all awake at the same time and neither I nor Benjamin nor anyone could sleep.

Multi-tasking became my best friend, I became very adaptable, flexible, and all around everything at the same time. My multi-talented skills helped me to overcome the challenges from feeding all three to changing diapers, to bathing, to rocking them all to sleep and I still managed to find a little time for myself and also time to be a loving wife to Benjamin.

I began to understand some basic facts about life and how one’s circumstances can quickly change within a blink of an eye. I began to appreciate how much I have learned and how far I have come and above all how happy I have become. Life is surely what we make out of it. “I imagined”.

We all have a chance to find out how and what makes us happy, a chance to keep going rather than giving up knowing that it is just a matter of time. Only time will tell and all these challenges will become memories!.


I looked at the piece of clothing over and over again. It was difficult for me to make up my mind on it. I loved the red short dress, though I didn’t have enough money to buy it and I didn’t want to let it go either. I quickly grabbed the dress and headed to the check out.

At the checkout, as I swiped my credit card, I bled inside with fear and anxiety because I knew there was no hope for me in paying back the money. With my job gone three months ago, and my rent and bills in dire desperation, I still found it difficult to resist temptations like this. With the savings depleting by the second, I knew I needed a job soon and fast before things gets out of hand and the letters from the bank starts rolling in.

The red short dress wasn’t a necessity, I had my rent and bills to think of, but I just couldn’t resist the dress. It looked pretty and I knew I would look ravishing on it. I got home feeling very sad on such spontaneous impulse buying behavior, although I had no plans of returning the dress. I only wished I had money to afford it comfortably without ripping into the already long stretch of credit bills and depleted savings.

In life, we need to set our priorities straight, some things do not matter at all, there are other things that matter and needs urgent attention. We sometimes need to react spontaneously to good opportunities that are likely to come our way that may help us to succeed or that may expose us to better chances and opportunities in life.

Most often, we don’t recognize opportunities when they come because we spend time on things that do not matter, things that are not a necessity (red short dress) Lol. If we can spontaneously get trapped into impulsive decisions (buying the red short dress) against all odds, why can’t we be that quick in grabbing and recognizing opportunities when they come knocking on our door.


There are certain things that can be enjoyed or achieved in life without necessarily overdoing or engaging in them. For instance, one can enjoy alcohol wisely, reasonably, and moderately without certainly getting drunk whether you are at home or in a public gathering. Effects of getting drunk that I have witnessed was a man in a party that I attended, he striped himself naked and was running around the whole place. Lol

Things that are no longer needed or useful to us, we should learn to let go to make room for new ideas, new skills, new knowledge, new people/relationship and an entirely new you. Holding on to unessential, needless and unnecessary setbacks will only keep delaying us from embracing new and better things well aligned and packed up for us to explore and enjoy.

Life is fun when there is moderation in everything that we do. Putting other’s feelings ahead and ensuring that we are on the right path always makes us more accessible to the good things of life. Redundant repetition in expressing ideas or communicating such as screaming, malice, gossip are never the best way to relay a conversation or finish off a statement or to begin one.

There are several ways through effective dialogue and open communication that can help to prevent excessive occurrences in the way we relate with people and loved ones. We can decide within ourselves today to drop the redundant bad behaviors and embrace a future of moderation and charisma in all our undertakings.



Whatever we make out of life now starts to form our biography. Whatever we do or have said today begin to write our history. The question to be answered is “what will you be remembered for”. One day I asked myself, “Do I actually have a biography? The answer was no at the time because there was nothing to be said about me. Lol. I probably might have one now. Lol (laughs)

Well, the story is why don’t we write or better still start a new chapter in our lives and gradually start making a story from our positive contribution to the society, achievements, and successes, likes, passions, and many more. Let there be something good about our actions to be remembered or to be used as an example for others to draw inspiration from. Whatever good we do today stays with us forever and all the rewards are for us to keep. It leaves a satisfying feeling that only you can explain and feel.

Establishing a good and positive biography is something that stays forever for generation to come and our good memories begin to make history in our biography even when we are gone. So what are you waiting for? Why not start writing or creating that biography of impacting positively to the society for we all have something to contribute remembering that whichever way we choose to make our bed so we shall lie on it.


No one is perfect! We don’t expect to get it all right at the first try, we make mistakes on the way as we go, we learn from our mistakes, make some corrections, and forge ahead. Even great men and women of blessed memory made several mistakes, lapses, and errors before they became good at what they did which made them well known today and always.

Same is applicable to great men and women living today like you and me because we are all great and special. We are special in our own unique ways, styles, talents, and in our own creativity and thoughts because it is through our thoughts that we are able to recreate, to reform, to change, to establish, to bring forward wonderful ideas and mechanism used today to enjoy everyday living and also to create a source of livelihood to others who have skills in other different areas of expertise to compliment ours.

Aeroplanes didn’t fall from the sky, or did they? It was someone’s idea right? So are many other things because we are unique and special in the sight of God. We have been empowered with so much huge responsibility of knowledge and wisdom.

The sad question is; why do we now destroy that which we have established by our uniqueness, initiatives, and thoughts. Why spend time to destroy when we can invest time in thinking of ways to make things better so that the world will be a better place for us all to live and enjoy.


Sometimes we get so adventurous that we like to try out on virtually everything and anything that comes our way ranging from jobs (career path), women/men, food, clothing, our taste of lifestyle, new goals, new cities, in fact pretty much everything.

The adventure gets really exciting when we are opportune to have a go at all these. Bearing in mind that trying out everything means one is good at nothing. On the other hand, how much time do we actually have in trying out on everything? By the time we decide on which one to settle with, age may not be smiling at us anymore leaving a pinch of regret in mind but rich in memories.

We need to make up our mind on what we want, and on what we want to become before time ticks off quickly leaving us with nothing. We have to learn to take vital steps and make important decisions in our life and future and start working around it now that we are still able to.

We need to be good at something and identify that which we are good at to reduce wasting time while trying out on everything. We need to be able to distinguish our likes from dislikes, needs and wants, love and passion, a career or just a job, and many more.

We need to be our own detectives and be able to solve that mystery of our restless ambition.