Black Friday: A Sale Or A Rage By Busyhandz

We all go crazy about black Friday and Boxing Day sales, not just that, how about cyber Monday sales? All these have origination, meaning and consequences. I have studied and observed people’s behaviour and aggression during black Friday sales.

We spend up to the last dime in our wallets and up to the last digit on the credit card regardless of if the bills for that period have been paid or not. We even go as far as calling the credit card company to increase our credit limit a bit in order for us to be able to purchase those desired goods.

Have we bothered to think of the history or concept of the term “black Friday”?  History has it that it originated from slavery, a special day on Friday when black slaves were sold for pennies, alcohol and gun powder during the days of colonisation. It was like an auction, a big sale day.

However, the difference was the only things for sale were not Toshiba TVs and Panasonic or any other brands of electronics and clothing, what was being sold were human African slaves. This present day it has been nicknamed human trafficking.

Should we be worried about the origination of black Friday? In the present day, the term black Friday is used in the retail industry to mean a special day for heavily discounted goods, smashing prices and dangerously cheap items on the go!

The significance of the meaning of black Friday is similar to the present day in the sense that there is definitely a sale of some kind, but a little touch of creativity would have been appreciated. Why not green Friday or blue Friday or indigo Friday?Lol

In terms of colour choice, the term black has always been associated with something evil, dirty, less appeal and creepy. So to associate black with the sale of goods could possibly mean that stocks that may have been rejected by the manufacturer itself and other returned damaged goods by customers over the eleven month period of merchandising and sales are all brought together  in preparation for the big sale of black Friday and sold at no matter what price.

What good could come out of such sales when it has been associated with the origination of “black Friday”

Instead of writing off these items, they are better off sold out to unsuspecting and anxious door crashers. Have you ever heard of a word or sentence like this: “He is the black sheep of his family” meaning that the person is a bad person and different from other members of the family, so why should black Friday sales be any different. Lol

Logically speaking, black Friday in simple terms means sell off of all damaged and rejected items over time to unsuspecting customers at a giveaway price. Have you bothered to analyse: How many of the items bought on black Friday sales saw the next black Friday sale?

Some of them will pack up somewhere down the road while a few will make it. If you are lucky enough to return it back to the store before it broke down or still within your return window, the store will gladly accept it and keep stock for another black Friday sale and off it goes into the arms of another unsuspecting customer. Lol

Perhaps, most of the black Friday sales are final sale meaning you cannot return the sale item back so you are stuck with it. Most people at this point go on Kijiji or gum tree or whatever local online sale in your area to try to get rid of stock and get their money back.

The retail industry is  there to make money so whatever gimmicks that works are very acceptable, unfortunately, the scapegoat is usually you and me.  Lol.


Have a great week friends.

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