Whatever we make out of life now starts to form our biography. Whatever we do or have said today begin to write our history. The question to be answered is “what will you be remembered for”. One day I asked myself, “Do I actually have a biography? The answer was no at the time because there was nothing to be said about me. Lol. I probably might have one now. Lol (laughs)

Well, the story is why don’t we write or better still start a new chapter in our lives and gradually start making a story from our positive contribution to the society, achievements, and successes, likes, passions, and many more. Let there be something good about our actions to be remembered or to be used as an example for others to draw inspiration from. Whatever good we do today stays with us forever and all the rewards are for us to keep. It leaves a satisfying feeling that only you can explain and feel.

Establishing a good and positive biography is something that stays forever for generation to come and our good memories begin to make history in our biography even when we are gone. So what are you waiting for? Why not start writing or creating that biography of impacting positively to the society for we all have something to contribute remembering that whichever way we choose to make our bed so we shall lie on it.

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