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The Eagle has Landed In Style: Betty’s Desire Available For Sale On Amazon And Online Book Stores

Full of suspense, twists, romance and many more! The eagle has landed in style. Your favorite novel “Betty’s Desire” is now available on amazon and online bookstores at
I will have author’s copies available soon for those that want to buy directly from me, and also book signings can be done if you would like me to leave my autograph on your copies.

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Reflection: Ponder and Think! Oh It’s My Birthday By Busyhandz

The best things of life come when we desire it and work towards achieving it.

  • For one wishing to eat healthy, would you rather spend your money on ice crème and candies?
  • For one wishing to acquire wealth, would you rather sleep all day and wallow around in ignorance? Blaming everyone that crosses your path?
  • For those wishing to live, would you rather test your jumping skills by jumping into the ocean without a life jacket and swimming skills just to be lunch for the sharks?
  • For those wishing to be successful, would you rather not be happy for your neighbour’s success but wishing success comes to you?

Life is a surprise! Waking up every day is already a huge surprise because you do not need a slap on the face to be woken up. We are not in control of our lives, some people made it to bed just like us with hope of embracing the early morning sunshine but didn’t make it up.

At the same time all these are happening, new babies are being born all over the world per second, Oh! what a bundle of joy to mum and dad,  I was once that baby.

That is why waking up this morning just put a smile on my face because it’s my birthday! Thanks to all my friends, family, and fans that have wished me blessings this day.


It Is Show Time! Join Me,I Am Co-Presenter At The 2016 St. John’s Tombolo Multicultural Festival And Concert! See You There!


Tombolo 1 tombolo 2 Tombolo 3Finally summer is here and the shows are beginning to roll in! It is  going to be a weekend of fun at the St. John’s multi cultural festival and concert from July 8th to July 10th 2016.

I am a co presenter at the show and would love you all to come join me for a fun night, a weekend you will not forget in a hurry.

Tickets are on sale now at the arts and culture center box office.

Call the arts and culture center Box Office at 709-729-3900. Or you can buy on-line through arts and culture center website.

Jasmine The Ladybird Show Presentation

It was a successful ladybird show presentation based on my book “Jasmine the ladybird” for kindergarten students of Larkhall academy St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador.
Special thanks to the teachers, staff, and principal. Jasmine the ladybird is used for educational and illustrative purposes in schools and daycare centers.
For daycare centers and schools around the St. John’s area that would like me to come in for a show with the kids, do call 709-579-6608 for bookings or It is absolutely free!


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“Just keep walking,” I encouraged myself as I dragged my feet along the wasted land. I took a long deep breadth which I imagined would be my last as I was already exhausted from the long walk under the hot scorching sun with less to drink and on burning desert white sands.

I didn’t plan on coming this far, it just happened that the car broke down in the wrong place at the wrong time, a place where camels and donkeys moved about in pride and anguish from the hot scorching sun.

I probably needed to walk another 20 km before there could be any chance of help, something that was meant to be a vacation for me was turning out to be an unplanned fitness program. The locals were very helpful, they helped me carry my luggage, and also attempted fixing the car as well all to no avail.

“How do you do this”? I asked one of the locals who was making this walk with me, he walked as though the distance didn’t matter at all.

He seem not to be exhausted or bothered about the distance we had to cover to reach help. “He just smiled at me and said nothing” I guess he was used to such life style. ” I imagined”.

As we pushed further, we approached a farmland that seemed like a little settlement with few children and women scattered around and few men going about their business.

A breadth of hope consumed me as I knew we were close to something, water and maybe food and someone that can help fix my car.

Night was fast approaching and I knew making it back to my hotel was not an option. I had to take my chance eating and dining with strangers in their humble abode.

I noticed everyone here lived cheerfully and happily as if nothing mattered. They had no mansions not even a proper house, no fancy dresses, no cars not even a wheel of a car, absolutely nothing to brag about or show off with.

They went about like none of those existed. I noticed what they had was a close family tie and human relationship.

However, that is what life should be, one day at a time. As I departed, I had second thoughts and a different understanding of what life is and should be.

Literally speaking, the road to success may seem like a desert with endless stretch of land but walking through it one day at a time can be the answer to our unending inner thoughts and feelings.

We are sure to encounter donkeys and camels on the way to success, what matters most are those people in our lives genuinely ready and willing to help carry our luggage and with determination we can walk those kilometers to get to our destination.

The most important thing to know is to understand that we all need each other. Success is not a lifestyle and is not meant for certain people, it is meant for everyone.

No matter what sufferings or difficulties we encounter on our way and journey to success, know that only determination can get us there.

Giving up is not an option, understanding risks can help to lighten the burden of fear. Life can be simple if lived in simplicity and humility.


Are We There Yet? By Busyhandz

Patience! Patience! That was one virtue I lacked as I moved my waist from one edge of the bed to the other. This was the moment I have been waiting for, the pregnancy seemed to be unending, nine months felt like nine years.

At first, I was excited I was having a baby but as days rolled by, I realized what I had gotten myself into. The nausea, the sleepless nights, morning sickness, cravings, swollen legs, heavy boobs, and the worst of it all bloated stomach and shortness of breath.

I could hardly tie my boots myself by month eight of the pregnancy and by month nine, I could hardly climb out the bath tub. As I lay on the delivery bed at the general hospital grouching in pain and excitement, finally there was hope for me getting my body and breath back as soon as the baby jumps out.

Thinking way beyond my imagination, I wondered what life as a mum would be for me, having waited ten years for this bundle of joy, I knew I was in for a whole lot of adventure. I felt the numbness race through my lower body as the epidural took control of the entire management of my brain.

As I watched the doctors bend over my open thighs I knew it was time. Are we there yet? “I asked as I slammed by back down on the sheets, I squeezed harder with my eyes shut in exhaustion.

“They are here” I heard Dr. Batmos reply in an almost shouting voice but with a little disarray in his reaction. “They”? Who are they? I quickly asked as I opened my eyes in disbelief. “They are here, said the nurse, I watched as I was handed two little minions. The most beautiful gift ever! “Twins” I screamed.

I threw a sharp glance at Dr. Batmos. You said it was just one baby in the scan “I asked with my mouth open and my heart pounding so fast in excitement and awe”. I didn’t plan for this, but I instantly knew I was in for something magical! A life time adventure.

Sometimes when we seek blessings from God, we ask for just as little as an opportunity or a chance to be something or have something but most times God decides to bless heavily and abundantly!

Newfoundland! Planning An Event? In Need Of A Show Host/ Presenter/MC/Entertainer? Try Me! You Won’t Be Disappointed!

Are you planning a social event and in need of an Inspirational speaker, or a presenter/MC/show host and entertainer

I can speak on several topics such as marriage and relationship, love, creativity, how to grow your business, lifestyle and many more.

Send me an email. ( OR drop a comment in the comment box!

Summer is fast approaching, book your spots now!

Thank God It’s Friday By Busyhandz

As my hands sank deeper inside my purse in search of my phone, I knew that if I didn’t find the phone in the next thirty seconds that man could possibly die. I searched deeper and watched as his blood painted body laid wastefully on the side walk. Even in the midst of bloodiness, he smelt of stench alcohol.

He sure seemed like a gentleman, dressed in his expensive suit and dress pant with nice shoes and his bag still clutched down beside him with blood all over it now. It looked to me like he was either coming from work or going to work either way!

“How did it get to this”? I asked myself silently, still fearing for his life I quickly called the police and ambulance. I had to wait at the scene of the crime for the police to show up at least. This could be a case of a hit and run accident or maybe suicide attempt, “I presumed”.

The police arrived at the scene, the ambulance came shortly afterwards and the man was wheeled in at the back of the ambulance. Thank God he was still alive! I told the police my own side of the story as I saw the victim lying there, I wasn’t sure how he got there in the first place or what happened.

The police thanked me for at least getting him help, I wasn’t in any trouble as I didn’t cause the accident, I was just happy I came at the right time to save a life. I prayed silently that he survives. I promised myself I was going to check up on him as I knew he was being taken to the general hospital. Well, just out of curiosity.

At first, I thought the victim had been shot when I first arrived at the scene, I also feared for my own life instantly as it could have being a robbery attack and the perpetrators could still be nearby. Later on when I checked on the victim, it happened that it wasn’t a robbery or gunshot incident or suicide or anything of that nature.

However, the victim was actually drunk, after work that fateful Friday evening, excited about the weekend ahead, he ended up in a pub still in his work regalia, he probably drank over his limit, left the pub almost at midnight, already lost his coordination and sense of reasoning, he walked straight into an oncoming vehicle on the major road and was hit.

The vehicle vehemently threw him up and he landed on the side walk unconscious and bleeding to his death before I showed up on my way back from work. He could have died, by almost midnight it was obviously pretty dark and could go unnoticed.

Luckily for him, as I was driving past, I thought I had seen a human figure or maybe something moving on the floor. That was how I was led to this man.

Most importantly, something to draw from this: “Thank God it’s Friday” is not an excuse for excessive drinking and jolly making because you could possibly not be that thankful for another Friday if you were dead or wasting away in one county jail.

Have a safe weekend peeps!




Work From Home With Traffic Monsoon! Anyone Can Do This, Calling On All Business Minded Guru’s

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Traffic monsoon is a domestic limited liability company founded by the CEO Charles Scoville. The company launched in October 2014, it is a paid to click advertising network.

Calling on all entrepreneurs, business minded men and women. The company is ranked first in traffic and ranked 972 from all the other sites in the world by Alexa, remember there are billions of website out there and this company is ranked 972 out of billions, you can see how popular it is. In some countries like Russia or even Europe it is ranked 72 out of billions of websites in the world.

Online advertising is a market place that is worth billions and it is still growing. Sometimes wealth comes from the odd places and initiative one can never expect or imagine. This might be that break through you need or are looking for, you never know!

You are paid to click on advertising, it’s absolutely the simplest and easiest way for anyone and everyone to make money online. The company pays 24 times /per day (every 30mins) in 24 hours clock every day. 168 times /per week, and 672 times/per month.

This is how it works: Every sale revenue generated and sold on the platform is paid out instantly in cash to the members, it’s like having a stake in the company, and the stake is just an ad pack. All you need to be a paid member is by purchasing an adpack worth 50$ which gives you 1000 clicks or exposures to your business in return you are getting 55$ back and including new leads to your business.

For example, I am an online marketer and entrepreneur, I do have an online shop, products in amazon and also some services that I promote and provide to clients, imagine I purchase 1 adpack worth 1000 clicks at 50$ and I stick in my shop link for example into the plug in and I get 1000 new customers to my shop, how cool is that? If you decide to stick in your traffic monsoon referral link and get 1000 new members to your link that is an amazing residual income for life!

The fun part is you get paid daily profit share, any person, company, or business can purchase ad packages without becoming an affiliate, and free members can also earn credits. Extra earnings can be made from cash links.

No monthly fees ever, no sponsorship requirement, unlimited ad packs can be purchased at will, fast start process.

Enroll for free now

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View 10 ads per day to qualify for revenue sharing as others are viewing your own ads too.

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You do need payza or solid trust pay processors for your deposits and withdrawals and they are both free to set up!

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