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Connecting the dots

Within the complexity of life, there is still simplicity within it. Whatever situations or circumstances that life throws our way, there is the presence of an inner resolution. It helps us breathe right through the moment. What makes the puzzle difficult to figure out is our intent that we know it all even before we start the game.

Knowing it all is not the problem, the problem is how much of use did we put the knowledge at work. Ignorance is okay, but substantial ignorance hurts. The ability of knowing is great but knowing it all hurts. We should learn to climb each other’s back with two feet rather than one. However, with two feet is stability, with one foot is wobbly.

Our given preferences should be gift of oneself. Understanding oneself leads to the path of knowing and acknowledging the special gifts we are all endowed with. Sharing knowledge and using these endowments to connect the dots as accurate as it can be without feeling condemnatory but rather gratified because together, we can achieve more.

T U. Ezeuko,

Creative writer/author

Wesleyan University

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The cogitative thought of an author… written by Uchechi Theresa Ezeuko

Sometimes a blessing; sometimes a curse

The paradigm of life

Lays waste in its existence

Mortals change destines; destines rebirths fate

Fate beckons on success or tragedy

Oh mortal! Killer of instinct!

Where is thy purpose

An innate of undesirable patterns

Destiny can be delayed; not denied

The instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning

The intuitive mindset; embarks on a journey

In search of the soul

To heal the soul and bring it home

Home to the body; home to the mind

In need of dire salvation; to heal and to conquer; to hold and to belong

Mortal’s life expectation set to doom

But mortal’s life destiny rewrites it all

For we are all set for greatness! Greatness of a kind

Explicit greatness!

The mind of an author is immeasurable!

Existence: The continued survival

Kim was beginning to feel those uphill moments creeping back into her life. Those moments when her smiles do nothing but hide the pain and loneliness she was wearing inside.

The moments when that glaring look on her face described only the beauty of the outward appearance but hides the anguish of the inner torturous moments that was ripping her apart psychologically, mentally, and emotionally.

The thought of suicide comes to mind, like a motionless corpse she stared and questioned while she was still alive. She imagined as the feeling of abandonment consumed her already overwhelmed thought process. It was as though everywhere she went, others went in the other direction.

However, the horrific pain suicide will leave behind dinged a slap on her face. The reality of what she was feeling stared right in front of her like a nervous groom waiting for his bride to show up. The feeling of a bowling ball slamming right through the stomach comes to play as she leaped out of bed, pulling herself together with a weak smile that felt rather forced.

Uncertainty being the master of the day for Kim, she knew it was time to seek the help that she needed to be okay. The body was willing but the mind was weak. There was not much time left to hide behind those awakening smiles that sets a false hope and impression.

Kim knew the interval was now to be set free from the pangs of depression, loneliness, and anger.  There is a friend within a friend ready to reach out, to love and to care for her which is finding her own self first by realizing and understanding her worth and holding on to the most precious gift ever which is life.

We are all beautiful inwardly and outwardly. Specially made and unique in our own special and extra ordinary ways. A lot of us are lonely and too scared to reach out for fear of rejection.  A genuine smile alone is enough to calm a lonely heart and a little chat opens a whole new world for a heart desperately in need of a listening ear.

Kim plopped a few berries in her mouth with some milk, the thought of a new start lightened her day as she sets out on a path to healing and rediscovering who she is.

: Dedicated to all contemplating suicide! There is hope to living and light waiting to shine on a whole new you!  

Character is fictitious!

Theresa Uchechi Ezeuko B.A (Theater Arts &media,)Nigeria MSC(International marketing) UK, Scotland
SPECIALIZATION(Creative writing)USA, Connecticut
Author: Storytales for little minds; Jasmine the lady bird; Betty’s desire, kachi the handyman



CHMR 93.5fm welcome Dr Jennifer Selby to the show “Inspirational Timeout with Theresa Ezeuko” on the title ” Gratitude: An undiluted route to success”.
Jennifer is an associate professor with the Department of religious studies memorial university of Newfoundland, and affiliate professor of Gender Studies with MUN as well. She is also the project director for “pathway to success”.
A grateful heart is a cheerful heart. If we have the willingness to be thankful and grateful about the things we have, about who we are, about the struggles, challenges and the success story that got us where we are now. Then we will appreciate ourselves, be satisfied and happy. Be inspired!
Show air date: June 17th 2018
Time : Sundays 6pm on chmr 93.5fm or go online at



Imagine what we can do unruffled when we come together in love and trust. Getting together builds friendship and eliminates loneliness and depression through youth groups, focus groups, community participation, volunteering. There are lots of things that can be well accomplished as a team. Togetherness also revives the mind, uplifts the spirit and improves our social lives through act of communication, team building and love. Remember we all need each other. Be Inspired!

CHMR 93.5FM MUN Welcomes special guest Heather Gushue on the show Inspirational timeout with the fabulous host Theresa Ezeuko on the topic “Getting together” Heather Gushue is a pre course instructor at the memorial university of newfoundland. She also works as a grant writer and marketing manager  for Lester farm chalet. She volunteers as the youth group coordinator for St. Peters and Mary queen of the world parishes and enjoys ministerial work.

Show air date: June 10th @6pm on 93.5fm OR tune in online at

“Inspirational Timeout With Theresa Ezeuko” Goes Live On CHMR 93.5FM

After a lot of writing, editing, pre live show test, recording and all the fun stuff! “Inspirational Timeout with Theresa Ezeuko” will go on air starting April 8th 2018 . Every  Sundays 6pm to 7pm on CHMR 93.5FM ST. John’s with your favorite radio show host Theresa Ezeuko!

Writing and developing the content was definitely a lot of work but am happy the ball is rolling now. With all that work done, its time to be inspired and empowered.

Newfoundland are you ready? It is intriguing! Inspiring! motivating! and empowering.

Interview With Busyhandz On CHMR 93.5 FM Radio

On Friday Febuary 9th 2018, Uchechi Theresa Ezeuko appeared on a live show  with Caribbean connections at CHMR 93.5 FM as a special guest in celebration of the black history month at the memorial university of Newfoundland and Labrador CHMR 93.5 FM.

Special thanks to  CHMR 93.5 FM for having me in your studio as a special guest and thank you Caribbean connections for featuring me in your show.  It was an awesome experience!






“Set the pace and I will follow”. Brian barked like a rabid dog, he slowly moved towards the east entrance of the room leading to the closet as he adjusted his cap that was already shifted to the side as a result of his uncontrollable anger.

While thinking of how I made it this far with Brian, I searched my heart for the right words to justify the reason why I was still with him.

The pace was none existing!  The pace was in formidable. I have tried everything to make the relationship work from being submissive to being submitted to his fatal roars, barks, and slaps.

Get the help you need”! I let the words loose from my trembling lips as I kept my distance safe enough from his triggering slaps. The needful needs to be done and fast, I knew it was time Brian sought the help he needed.

Only weak men hit women” I threw out those words to him while I waited for those words to demoralize his male ego. I had nothing to lose now. I had my self-worth regained as soon as those words was set to depart from my mouth.

The words hit Brian like a rocket launch, I could see him shudder away in the darkness of the room. I dragged myself up and pushed towards the door.

At this time, I anticipated roars and slaps having a runway show on my face, but rather Brian stared at me with fist gritted and pointing downwards, mouth opened, tears streaming down his sweaty face.

He moaned as though he just received a death sentence from the jury. He clenched his wrists together, swung them to the ground and buried his face in between his elbows.

At that moment I knew I had won the battle. Brian was finally helpless and at my mercy to assist him with the help he needed.

“I am sorry sweetheart, help me! I need you”. At that moment of total submission, I knew that there was indeed light at the end of my tunnel.

Sometimes, it is difficult for us to accept that our bad habits/behavior/personality will someday meet up with us in a crossroad.

We need to think of the right way to go through that intersection and with complete guidance and total acknowledgement of our weaknesses we can strive to draw strength from our weakness and live a better life with the people that matters so much to us.

(All characters are fictional)