Are We There Yet? By Busyhandz

Patience! Patience! That was one virtue I lacked as I moved my waist from one edge of the bed to the other. This was the moment I have been waiting for, the pregnancy seemed to be unending, nine months felt like nine years.

At first, I was excited I was having a baby but as days rolled by, I realized what I had gotten myself into. The nausea, the sleepless nights, morning sickness, cravings, swollen legs, heavy boobs, and the worst of it all bloated stomach and shortness of breath.

I could hardly tie my boots myself by month eight of the pregnancy and by month nine, I could hardly climb out the bath tub. As I lay on the delivery bed at the general hospital grouching in pain and excitement, finally there was hope for me getting my body and breath back as soon as the baby jumps out.

Thinking way beyond my imagination, I wondered what life as a mum would be for me, having waited ten years for this bundle of joy, I knew I was in for a whole lot of adventure. I felt the numbness race through my lower body as the epidural took control of the entire management of my brain.

As I watched the doctors bend over my open thighs I knew it was time. Are we there yet? “I asked as I slammed by back down on the sheets, I squeezed harder with my eyes shut in exhaustion.

“They are here” I heard Dr. Batmos reply in an almost shouting voice but with a little disarray in his reaction. “They”? Who are they? I quickly asked as I opened my eyes in disbelief. “They are here, said the nurse, I watched as I was handed two little minions. The most beautiful gift ever! “Twins” I screamed.

I threw a sharp glance at Dr. Batmos. You said it was just one baby in the scan “I asked with my mouth open and my heart pounding so fast in excitement and awe”. I didn’t plan for this, but I instantly knew I was in for something magical! A life time adventure.

Sometimes when we seek blessings from God, we ask for just as little as an opportunity or a chance to be something or have something but most times God decides to bless heavily and abundantly!

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