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  Theresa Uchechi Ezeuko is a Canada (St John’s Newfoundland) based creative writer and author of four lovely books, “Storytales For Little Minds“, “Jasmine The Ladybird“, “Kachi the handyman” and “Betty’s Desire.”Her passion for writing evolved at an early age and her creative writing skills are phenomenal. Theresa’s writings encompass a wide range of diverse events, findings, and ideas. Theresa is also a poet and a blogger, most of her writings can be found on her website at www.busyhandz.com.

Her three published children’s books are read worldwide and used for educational purposes, silent reading and bed time stories. Her novel, a romance thriller titled “Betty’s Desire” has received very positive reviews from a wide range of audience.

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in arts and media studies from  Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Nigeria and went further to acquire a master’s degree in International marketing from the university of west of Scotland United Kingdom. She obtained a specialization  in Creative writing from  Wesleyan University Connecticut in United States of America .

Her combined expertise in both arts and marketing has helped her successfully launch her books worldwide.

Theresa is inspirational and passion driven. Having acquired a huge fan base of readers with curious minds in creative writing, she opened busyhandz.com where she inspires her readers through creative writings and poetic inspirations, while also answering questions from readers and providing feedback.

Theresa Uchechi Ezeuko is an active member of the writer’s alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador and also an active member of the writer’s guild of Newfoundland and Labrador Canada.

She is currently elected as member of board writer’s guild of Newfoundland and Labrador.

She is also elected as member of board with St. John’s public library.  She is also a mentor for Coursera on Creative writing specialization program.

Theresa  wrote and developed a radio show titled “Inspirational Timeout with Theresa Ezeuko”  for CHMR 93.5FM.

You can reach Theresa at busyhandzservices@gmail.com

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