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The holiday season is around the corner once again. What better time to discover the diversity of nature, enjoy the marvels of technology and embrace the passion of humanity? Busyhandz ignites this adventure by providing you some top holiday destinations around the world. Whether you are an outdoor addict, in search of nightlife dynamics, a passionate lover of nature and wildlife or just interested in shopping… join us in this exciting journey of discovery! This is a series giving you a glimpse of our top 5 destinations in each continents of the world… starting from the untapped beauty called Africa!

  1. Nigeria : Calabar

Nigeria (with Abuja as capital city) is a beautiful country in West Africa and has a population of about 150 million people. Nigerians are among the warmest individuals you will meet on planet earth. With the inauguration of a new government (headed by President Muhammadu Buhari) and the near-complete annihilation of her security challenges in the North-Eastern Nigeria, focus shifts back to her abundant tourist attractions. Having witnessed her most stable transition of government and the commendations from world leaders, there is no better time to plan for a holiday in Nigeria and our top destination is Calabar…. The capital city of Cross River (a coastal state in southern Nigeria). Calabar has a rich history that will fill your holiday with both fun and knowledge. With average temperature of about 26 degree C, Calabar presents a beautiful recovery from the freezing winter season in Europe and North America. Ok… time to capture the sights and sounds that make Calabar our top destination in Nigeria.

Obudu Mountain Resort (previously known as Obudu Cattle Ranch)

The magnificent Obudu Mountain Resort offers a full range that makes a holiday truly re-energizing! Discovered in early 1950s, it has a serene expanse which can be enjoyed from cable ride facilities with an astonishing vistas. You can also drive up the mountain range or walk your way up (for the brave). Guides are available (for a fee) to take you around on hiking expedition. There are exquisite facilities including hotel rooms (singles, couples and families) once you get to the top of the mountains (about 5200 ft. above sea level). These and many other will make you extend your holidays… Don’t forget to check out the classy water park at the base of the mountain that should embolden your family holiday. Local and continental delicacies are available to recharge after exploring the marvels of nature. The charming poise of staff at Obudu is also a beauty to behold. One thing to keep in mind is that weather can change abruptly from a plush sunshine to intense rain… should not surprise anyone from East Coast United States and Canada. Obudu has become a truly global tourist and holiday destination. If you are thinking of an escape with your loved one (s) for an intimate bonding with freedom and nature, Obudu might just be what you’re looking for. The best times to visit Obudu (weather-wise) is between October and February!


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Agbokim Waterfalls

The Agbokim waterfalls cascades over a cliff and creates a breathtaking seven-part waterfalls. Besides the waterfalls itself, the background natural environment provides splendid sights for bird watchers. A combination of the clattering sounds of nature and pristine atmosphere should trill those seeking a working holiday destination.


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The Old Residency Museum

Discover the history of Calabar as intricately intertwined with Nigeria’s story of slavery and freedom (or lack of it) from man-made boundaries.


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Cross River National Park

Of course you should not depart Calabar without visiting the Cross-River national park. A beautiful conservation that covers an area of about 640 sq. km and is a beautiful home to a range of animals including gorillas, butterflies, birds, fishes and many reptiles. It has lodging facilities to accommodate visitors. The main fun activity is taking walks into the rainforest…


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For those who love shopping (perhaps the majority of us), Tinapa Resort offers an excellent combination of shopping and leisure to cater for both singles and families. There is a plethora of world-class hotels available here. Some of the things to check out are the Tinapa Shopping Centre, Tinapa Water Park, Tinapa Movie Studio, many beautiful restaurants catering for variety of tastes.

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Nightlife and Accommodation

There are a number of classy night clubs (Jasper 131, Mayfair Lounge, Pinnacle, and many others) to wind down and embrace the hospitality and romantic appeal of Calabar. Some of the top hotels within Calabar include Channel View, Metropolitan Hotel, Tinapa Lakeside Hotel, Transcorp Hotels, Axari Hotels, Lush Hotels… depending on your budget.

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