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Thank God It’s Friday By Busyhandz

As my hands sank deeper inside my purse in search of my phone, I knew that if I didn’t find the phone in the next thirty seconds that man could possibly die. I searched deeper and watched as his blood painted body laid wastefully on the side walk. Even in the midst of bloodiness, he smelt of stench alcohol.

He sure seemed like a gentleman, dressed in his expensive suit and dress pant with nice shoes and his bag still clutched down beside him with blood all over it now. It looked to me like he was either coming from work or going to work either way!

“How did it get to this”? I asked myself silently, still fearing for his life I quickly called the police and ambulance. I had to wait at the scene of the crime for the police to show up at least. This could be a case of a hit and run accident or maybe suicide attempt, “I presumed”.

The police arrived at the scene, the ambulance came shortly afterwards and the man was wheeled in at the back of the ambulance. Thank God he was still alive! I told the police my own side of the story as I saw the victim lying there, I wasn’t sure how he got there in the first place or what happened.

The police thanked me for at least getting him help, I wasn’t in any trouble as I didn’t cause the accident, I was just happy I came at the right time to save a life. I prayed silently that he survives. I promised myself I was going to check up on him as I knew he was being taken to the general hospital. Well, just out of curiosity.

At first, I thought the victim had been shot when I first arrived at the scene, I also feared for my own life instantly as it could have being a robbery attack and the perpetrators could still be nearby. Later on when I checked on the victim, it happened that it wasn’t a robbery or gunshot incident or suicide or anything of that nature.

However, the victim was actually drunk, after work that fateful Friday evening, excited about the weekend ahead, he ended up in a pub still in his work regalia, he probably drank over his limit, left the pub almost at midnight, already lost his coordination and sense of reasoning, he walked straight into an oncoming vehicle on the major road and was hit.

The vehicle vehemently threw him up and he landed on the side walk unconscious and bleeding to his death before I showed up on my way back from work. He could have died, by almost midnight it was obviously pretty dark and could go unnoticed.

Luckily for him, as I was driving past, I thought I had seen a human figure or maybe something moving on the floor. That was how I was led to this man.

Most importantly, something to draw from this: “Thank God it’s Friday” is not an excuse for excessive drinking and jolly making because you could possibly not be that thankful for another Friday if you were dead or wasting away in one county jail.

Have a safe weekend peeps!




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monsoon 2monsoontm 2

Traffic monsoon is a domestic limited liability company founded by the CEO Charles Scoville. The company launched in October 2014, it is a paid to click advertising network.

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The Right Place At The Wrong Time By Busyhandz

A friend of mine named Robert Banks once had financial difficulties and came to me for financial assistance. I was low on cash at the time but because of how close we were, I decided to go out of my way to help him.

I couldn’t give him the cash in person as we were in different cities, so it happened that I had to go to the bank to transfer some money to his bank account, you know how sensitive bank stuffs are? So I called my friend Robert to find out the exact name match on his banking information so as to imprint that over the counter with the cashier.

I couldn’t reach Robert on phone so I sent him a timed voice message with a retracting time of 1 hour. What it meant was the message will self-destruct in 1 hour, I do that for all my messages anyway! Since it was already evening and the banks closing soon, I decided to get in touch with Robert later that night so as to make it to the bank in the morning.

Later that night, I got a reply from Robert which read “Rob banks 10pm” I understood the name as the name on his bank info but couldn’t understand what the “10pm” meant, so I text him back asking what 10pm meant. He replied saying 10pm meant the time he would close from work as to the reason why he couldn’t pick my call earlier in the day was because he was already at work and would finish up by 10pm. “Oh! Okay no worries”, I replied back and slept off.

The next morning, after paying in the money into Rob’s account I headed straight to my office to face my paperwork. I had barely settled into my chair when my phone rang. It was Rob, I thought he was about to say thanks for the money or a confirmation that he has received the payment but rather it was a distress call. Rob have been arrested by the police for questioning. “What! I jumped off my seat, “questioning for what”?

Apparently, it happened that while Rob left work last night he forgot his cell phone at work, a colleague of his picked the phone up, and just out of curiosity went over Rob’s messages and saw the message from last night that he sent to me “Rob banks 10pm” . That has been interpreted as a bank robbery scheduled for 10pm. His fellow worker got scared and turned the phone to the police and the police quickly made an arrest.

However, we all know how sensitive phone evidences are and the worst part is the message has deleted itself from my own phone so nothing to convince the law that it was just a mere message with no intention of crime.

No one believes his story except me, please how can my friend prove his way out of this! How Robert Banks suddenly turned out to be bank robbery!

Please help him and please do not laugh alone! Phew! LOL


Have a great week friends!



Lifestyle: Trichozed A Genuine Remedy For Hair Loss?

Hair loss has become a major concern for everyone, not just a woman thing as it used to be perceived in the past. Men and women are beginning to feel the weight of hair loss.

There are several alternatives to treating hair loss problems, but finding the best alternative can be a bit of a challenge.

Trichozed is a permanent remedy and complete protection against hair loss. It stops hair loss as soon as seven days and hair is grown back within a month.

It sounds like  magic, right? Abracadabra (magical enchantments) Lol.  That is the power of trichozed.

It has an effective basic three steps mechanism which works for both men and women. This power pack life changer is 100% safe and doctor recommended.

Its natural supplement has gone through several clinical tests so be rest assured that it is good for your general health and well-being.

Trichozed is productive and exhibits quicker results than other hair loss products. It is very effective and it works by blocking the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which damages the follicles of the hair.

The ingredients of trichozed capsule is geared towards rejuvenating the overall outlook and growth of the hair.

Trichozed improves the supply of blood to the hair follicles and stops the shrinkage of hair. The visible hair growth is seen in just 3 months and a head full of hair in just a year.

Different things can hinder hair growth such as medical conditions and poor nutrition. Medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes or thyroid disease. Medications like chemotherapy can also hinder hair growth.

Insufficient intake of vitamins and nutrients can also affect hair and the use of harsh chemicals too. With trichozed hair loss treatment, you need to worry no more.

Have a wonderful week everyone!



Mystified A Poem Written By Busyhandz

Its’ pouring down hard here in the east coast.  I woke up to the hallowing sound of rain breathing down my roof. I quickly likened the rain drops and the sound hallowing over my roof to something magical.

I got inspired to write this right away while still half asleep and half awake. I scrambled these words on my notebook which actually turned out great.

Okay! I am not entirely going crazy as my kids think I am sometimes, (laughing) I am just swept away with my love for poetry and writing.

If you are feeling loved or have some special person in your life, feel free to read to them, memorise it or better still share with him or her.

There are lots of literary meaning and context to it but it all explains love! Love is immeasurable.

Have a great week!


The drumming sound of raindrops

The roaring stir of thunder

The whistling sound of the birds

Sings melody of my song

My heart sings for you, bringing cadence to my song

Causing my body to shiver

Filled with goosebumps, my soul dances in ecstasy

Triggering an emotional frenzy

A mystic self-transcendence

A feeling way beyond human understanding

Which makes me yearn for you

For your unending love is food to my soul

Just Hang In There By Busyhandz

I paced the room several times, I couldn’t understand why I was terminated from my position in the company. As I scrambled through the words on the paper which clearly stated “your services are no longer needed”, after 25 years ! Damn! I was so angry because I knew all the hard work and time that I have committed to working with this company.

I was the best of best the company had, and I never failed in carrying out my duties. So where did  I go wrong?

I knew it was time to move on and strategize on option b. I was too weak to think, I needed to speak to someone I needed to get this sad moment off my chest. Who can I talk to? Some soothing words would go a long way right now.

My thoughts were heating up with depression and anguish, but I knew I needed to be strong for my family, for those that love and care so much about me. How do I  break such news to them? No job, no money, no rent, no mortgage! Waoh!

Have you wondered why we all react differently to circumstances? That is because we all have different personalities which makes it possible for us to rely on each other when the road seem long and narrow.

The difficult times are there to make us stronger and help us to understand that a tree does not make up a forest, we need a forest of ideas, selflessness, love, charity, kindness, and trust to form a roaring forest of success, creativity, determination and wealth.

Understanding that we all need each other to learn from, and we all rely on each other in learning new skills and ideas is essential to building and creating a success story.

An instructor passes on knowledge to the students because students need that knowledge to be firm, just as the instructor needs the students in order to remain relevant in his area of specialization.

Have you heard a slogan that says “one man’s mistake is another man’s benefit” that is to say mistakes made in life is a moral lesson from which others can benefit and learn from.

Just hang in there and keep your head high and focused. That is all that matters.